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Planning for my absence

This might be a slightly morbid topic given the global situation at present, but I will be leaving the company at the end of this month and my focus for the remainder of my time here will be making sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

To a certain extent, this process has been complicated by the current situation. Existing relationships with clients have changed as the dynamic situation evolves which in turn affects the training for new colleagues who will be taking over those relationships. I feel a great deal of sympathy with our new team members having to adjust to a new environment in this challenging situation. There is no shortage of things to learn in the limited amount of time we have together.

To facilitate this process me and my coworker are trying to be as systematic as possible. In addition to the curriculum for each training session, we are creating templates, checklists and other useful tools and sharing them via Asana and Google Drive. This creation has been useful as it has lead to some streamlining and will, I hope, be of use to my new team members.

This is my second to last blog post, I will share more final thoughts and conclusions in that. Looking forward to a productive final month and giving my new colleagues the best possible foundation to take over my work successfully.

Sebastian Benedikz