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Needs for Product Updates

Since the beginning, we have been introducing unique global martech or adtech to Japanese market.
Performance Ads: AdScale
SEO: Longtail UX
Image Recognition: Markable (Mai)
are a few partners who could succeed to enter into our market, as they had strong interest in the market.

However, in a business scaling phase, after entering into a new market, making product updates becomes critical by understanding the market needs. No matter how competitive a product is, it would be extremely difficult to keep penetrating in a market by catching up with the changing market needs. Our global tech partners are no exceptions in this sense, and this is a quite difficult issue for the products from oversea.

This is because there are other markets global tech companies focus on besides our market, which means that they sometimes prioritize other product updates. In contrast, many of Japanese tech companies just focus on the domestic market, so they can make the product updates to meet the market needs in a timely manner. For a long-term success in this market, I should discuss this topic more carefully before entering into a long-term partnership.

The entire world is in a very touch situation, but we would like to grow together with our partners in 2021!
Thank you very much for your continued support.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO