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Remote Communication

This time, I want to write about what I felt difficult to communicate with others remotely.

The most difficult thing is to share “atmosphere”.
It is said that 93% of information is made by non-verbal communication.
(Body language 55% / tone of voice 38%)

It means that “Atmosphere” such as place, time and tone of voice have a lot of information.

For example, imagine when you need to talk with your manager.
The case that you go to the manager’s seat without setting the time and say “Can I have some of your time?”. Then, you go to the different room and talk. OR
The case that you bump into the manager and say “Can I have some of your time?” and just talk there.

Even if you tell the same thing,
The former case can tell that it is urgent and serious.

I am not confident in verbal communication, so I always consider how I can tell as much as what I want to tell especially I am at work.
(That makes my good reputation to choose restaurants when co-workers gather.)

This is what I feel difficult in working remotely, so I am seeking into the way.
What I feel so far is it is important to choose which tool you use.
LINE, Zoom, Chat, E-mail …. Each has different characteristic.
Using the right tool may be the key to avoid miscommunication.

Remote work has the huge advantage that are reducing travel time and being able to work with people based in different places.

I will be careful not to be lack of communication, and try to find the comfortable way of remote communication.

Mari Isayama