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Will you continue to keep your LP slow?

Today, I’m going to touch upon a marketing industry issue after a long time.
The theme is “Slow Landing Pages.”

The issue completely opened up my eyes when I realized how serious this issue is among Japanese advertisers while checking the page-speed score retrieved from Google API on the AdScale dashboard.

Even for our clients with 50,000-100,000USD/mon ad-spend in Google Ads/Display Network, 4 out of 5 accounts score 30-40 out of 100. To be honest, this outcome was more than shocking to me.

While I’ve been suggesting many landing page optimization actions such as A/B testing, contents marketing, and behavioral analyses using a heat-map tool, with this page-speed as KPI, I could not come to this important realization that many enterprises still keep their landing pages so slow.

By the way, according to Unbounce Survey (ref:Slow pages hurt conversions, but marketers aren’t in a hurry to fix them,
40% of the 188 survey respondents had slow landing pages with >11secs page-loading. Even worse, 81% of them knew that the slow landing page has a negative impact on the conversion rate, but the action was at the bottom of their to-do list… This was still happening even when Google has alerted that >4 secs page-loading could significantly increase a bounce rate of a landing page.

Google has already announced this new KPI will become a factor of mobile SEO evaluation since last July, so it will be even more critical over time. Due to this severe situation, we have already started a discussion about this page loading speed with one of our clients who has 65MB for the LP file size. (On the contrary, the file size of Amazon Japan’s top page was 5.9MB, when I checked it today!)

“Will you continue to keep your LP slow?”
That’s going to be one of the important killer questions to ask:)

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO
P.S. The pic is a lunch plate where I can get a really good bagel in my neighborhood!