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My Review on SOPHOLA, 2020

There is only one week left for this year.
Just a little while ago, I was saying,  “Tokyo Olympic Year!”, “Emergency Declaration!”, “It’s hot!”. However, it is almost the end of 2020 now! At this time of year, I feel that time flies so fast, which makes me consider spending every moment and every day with a little more appreciation.

My final blog for 2020 will be to have a quick look back at 2020.
Before that, I would like to look back on what kind of business strategy and sales strategy I had set at the beginning of the year.
1. Business Strategy
1) Create new services such as Longtail UX and market entry support for global companies expanding into Japan as the second and third revenue pillars.
2) Develop overseas sales channels for AdScale, which is the first pillar.
3) Employ and train new teammates to support the new pillars.
2. Sales strategy
Generate leads for business strategies 1) & 2) by joining global event exhibitions and sales agency services.

Regarding the first business strategy, despite the fact that the market entry support did not become a pillar of revenue at all, but I think we could make some progress on our Longtail UX service by getting Kewpie and Marukome as our new clients. Regarding 2) and 3), we had done our best effort, but as of December, there are no major achievements left, so I feel that I cannot give any “points” to myself.

Regarding the sales strategy, when all the events scheduled to be attended were canceled due to COVID-19, we had to use sales emails that were sent to many domestic and overseas companies in the first half of the year. I wasn’t satisfied with the result at all, so I had started asking my acquaintances and friends to connect me to some new prospects, and I managed to get some sales results in the last three months.

Year 2020 recorded a big sales drop from our growth curve. However, our improvement cycle is running at an incredible speed, so I will do my best to make our 4th year-2021 a revolutionary year for myself and SOPHOLA.

Last but not least, the clients, partner companies, acquaintances/friends, and family members who have been very helpful this year as well. I’m really thankful to you! Please continue to support SOPHOLA next year.

Best wishes for the New Year 2021!

Founder and CEO
Masaki Iino
P.S. My son, I used to be able to lift with one palm is now becoming a little monster. lol
I will do my best to “revolutionize” my family in 2021 too.