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A New Teammate: Takehiro Yamaguchi

My name is Takehiro Yamaguchi, and I joined SOPHOLA in September 2022.

In fact, I have had a chance to work with SOPHOLA several years ago, but the timing was not quite right, as I was in the middle of a project I was in charge of at the time. However, from spring to summer this year, there was a sudden change in my surroundings, and I thought to myself, “Now is the best time!” I decided to join the company immediately.
I decided to join SOPHOLA for three main reasons: SOPHOLA’s
Love of products
Straightforward approaches to problems
The value of being a bridge between Japan and other countries

I have been working as a surf tour guide for foreigners since 2017, and I have always prioritized communication and problem-solving in everything I do, so I think I was a good fit in that area. The market is not only in Japan but also overseas. I think there is no limit to what we can do as a bridge between Japan and overseas. I think we have an environment here where we can truly take on new challenges.

Here is a brief summary of my personality.
Born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and currently resides in Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture, Japan (3~4 minutes walk to the sea!)
Born on October 9, 1976, the second of four siblings.
Hobbies: Surfing, golf, skateboarding, baseball, futsal, running, etc.
Qualifications: Certified Instructor, Japan Surfing Federation

-Work Experience
After graduating from the School of Education at Waseda University in 2000, he joined Wired Broad Networks, Inc. (currently USEN Corporation) as a new graduate and started my career in the Human Resources Department. (now CARTA COMMUNICATIONS Inc.)/Dentsu Inc. and Livedoor Inc. where I was extensively involved in advertising product development, media relations, sales, content marketing, etc. since the early days of Internet advertising. After working as a sales and producer for several creative agencies and digital marketing consulting companies, and organizational management at Magmagu Inc. I joined SOPHOLA in September 2022.

I say what I mean, but try not to break up relationships.
I am immersed in what I like to do to an unusual degree (on the contrary, I do not do anything that I am not interested in).
When I drive a car, I stop 100% of the time and take a breath before starting.
I think about how to shake my internal organs every day (the idea is that if one can move one’s internal organs softly, one can keep one’s health).
My favorite phrase: “steadfast competence.”

In the early 2000s, there were almost no advertising-related tools, and the work was very much a one-person job. Naturally, since that time, the environment as well as technology has changed dramatically on a global scale. Internet advertising expenditures in Japan were around 151.4 billion yen when I joined CCI, but they are now 2.7052 trillion yen, an 18-fold increase in the market. The Internet has become indispensable for economic activities. New tools and technologies are being introduced every day, and a wide range of information is flowing through them.

However, no matter how cutting-edge technology, AI, and automation become the standard in this industry, the business side is still a business, so the composition of people to people and the essence of communication will always remain the same. I believe that SOPHOLA can contribute more to the industry and the public by connecting people with the world’s most advanced tools that we offer. The year 2022 will be a year that will be marked not only by the spread of coronavirus infection that has continued since the previous year, but also by the excitement of Japan winning a record number of medals at the Beijing Olympics, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe, the death of Queen Elizabeth on the 70th anniversary of her reign, etc.

The year 2023 will soon be upon us, and I believe that the environment will continue to change dramatically. It will be hectic to anticipate and respond to changes, but I would like to quickly acquire “steadfast ability” at SOPHOLA and ride the various waves.

Takehiro Yamaguchi