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How to make the best efficiency at work and home

There is one thing that always in my mind to make the best efficiency, which is “Not to take the same action twice”.

For instance, if you read an email and put aside it to reply to it later, you need to read it again when you reply.

If you reply to it when you read it for the first time, you do not need to repeat the same action, “read”, again.

It seems a small thing, but avoiding repetition makes you save time.

This can apply to housework too.

I go to the trash bin when I hold it and I open mails or packages when I receive them.

Putting things that you use often should be put closer so that I do not have to wander in the room.

By dealing with the things right away when you touch them results in saving time and keeping the house clean at the same time.

I am still struggling with the work I am not used to, but I can find what I should have done or should not have done.
I believe those findings will make my work more efficient.

(I forgot the title of the book, but this was written in the book I read in the past.)

Mari Isayama