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The Most Distinctive Character of A Person Who Can Dramatically Change

It’ll have passed almost a year since SOPHOLA was founded.
I admit that it’s a bit too early to look back, but there were so many changes in this short time period: place to live (from Tokyo to Nagano), relationship(from being single to being married), and job(from a business individual to a business owner). Nonetheless to say, my own life-cycle(cleaning/laundry/gym in the morning and working in the afternoon), and style(spending time with my wife, without any solitary time), way to work(do all the things related to running a business).

In the middle of such drastic changes, I lately wondered about the following topic:
“What characters does an unchangeable person have even under such changing environment and job changes?”

My conclusion is:
– He/She does not do what is asked to do;
The person just sticks to his own usual way, prioritizes what he considers as more important, or does not do as the boss says. Therefore, his or her way of doing things would not change for a long time.

– He/She does not give a try without fully understanding things.
Including work or everything else, it is almost impossible to acquire a deep understanding of a thing.
For instance, when a kid rides a bike for the first time, isn’t it so rare to know how a bike works as well as all the bike parts prior to his first try? (laugh) Through an actual experience, the people can deepen their understanding on anything.

At SOPHOLA, integrity(honesty) and can-do spirit are essential attributes of my employees, so are for those who want to change. I, myself will keep the above characters in mind, and continue to change.

Masaki “Mark” Iino
Founder & CEO

P.S. The pic is Hot Noodle without A Soup from Soryu-Togyoku-Do in Roppongi.
It was the best ever!