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Expectation of Working in Digital Marketing Industry

Hello. I am Mari, newly joined SOPHOLA.
It has been a week since I joined this company.

I joined this team with lots of expectation, but now I am even more excited.
Today, I want to write down 2 things I realized through the interview with SOPHOLA members.

1. See your “value”
One member gave us the words “Make the result to show your value to the team”.

Think and take the action to make the result
↓                  ↑
Make the result
↓                  ↑
Establish trust between members
↓                  ↑
More things you can do
↓                  ↑
Think and take the action not only for yourself but for the company too

I will keep in mind that making this cycle on my own leads to the contribution to the company & improvement of my marketability.

2. Digital marketing is continuously growing fast and there is no right answer
I asked one member the question “What makes this industry exciting, do you think?”, and his answer to that was the followings.
・There is no answer, the whole industry keeps doing try and error.
・Also, we are at the forefront.

I worked for the new business in one IT company before.
I had opportunities to make something from scratch, 0 to 1.
We were working on many kinds of issues with team or individually, and once those are solved, others pop up.
Issues never end and many happen too fast for us to realize the improvement of the business and my own skill, but we could be sure about the growth if we look back in a few months, which was the exciting moment and motivation.

The answers of this question reminded me of the reason why I like working in this industry.

In contrast with the image of “digital marketing”, it requires many steady works. At the same time, the internet will connect our work with people all over the world at once, which is also the excitement of working in this industry.

I look forward to working as one member on SOPHOLA team.
I want to be able to post something I notice or learn about marketing in the near future!

Mari Isayama