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Markopolo ai inc and SOPHOLA Inc Announce the Establishment of Joint Venture ‘Markopolo ai Japan inc’

SOPHOLA Inc., headquartered in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, and led by CEO Masaki Iino, offers cutting-edge marketing technology consulting services. The company has now co-founded “Markopolo ai Japan” (hereafter referred to as Markopolo Japan) in partnership with Markopolo ai inc, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and led by CEO Tasfia Tasbin. This partnership will revolutionize the field of digital marketing by utilizing AI technology, proprietary algorithms, and LLM (Large Language Models) to enhance data collection, utilization, segmentation, and the extraction of insights. A particularly innovative feature is the ability to directly interact with data without SQL queries, enabling the automated optimization of digital ads.

This solution has been highly praised by over 1000 top marketers and early adopters worldwide. With its integration with Japan’s unique advertising platforms and detailed reporting features, it aims to meet the needs of the Japanese market. We are confident that this will provide unprecedented added value to Japan’s marketing technology industry.

For more details about this joint venture, please refer to the press release on PR TIMES.