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SOPHOLA, Inc Enters Into Business-Academic Collaboration with Ca’Foscari University of Venice ~Becomes the First Japanese Company Accepting Interns from Digital Management Internship Program~

SOPHOLA, Inc, which offers consulting/outsourcing services using cutting-edge global marketing tech in Nagano (HQ: Nagano City, Nagano, CEO: Masaki Iino, Short Name: “SOPHOLA”) and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice(Location: Venice, Italy, Rector: Michele Bugliesi)& H-Farm(HQ: Treviso, Italy, CEO: Riccardo Donadon) today entered into an agreement on the internship program in digital management provided by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice & H-Farm which will start from Jan, 2020. Beginning with this internship project collaboration, SOPHOLA will deepen the partnership between the two organizations while offering the interns the chance to take on SOPHOLA’s methodology and best practice of digital marketing consulting/outsourcing.

This project will start from Jan, 2020 for the students who are in the final semester of the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management of Ca’ Foscari University Venice and H-FARM. As the collaborating company, SOPHOLA is going to develop a project for the students on digital innovation, transformation processes and methods with a professor.

Masaki Iino, CEO of SOPHOLA Inc says,
“Ca’ Foscari University Venice is a public university in Italy where digital innovation and transformation is taught and studied. H-Farm is also the most innovative hub in Europe which was established as the world-first venture incubator in 2005.

Through this project, by providing the interns with our proprietary marketing technology research, contract negotiation, solution implementation & utilization, the collaboration is expected to deepen. Plus, as we have partnerships with many global companies and great talents from various national backgrounds, I hope this new partnership works positively on the diversity of talents in hiring. In the long run, we hope to co-research or co-develop businesses as well. ”


▪️About Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Italian national university in Venice. Classes began in 1868 as the first institute of higher education of commerce in Italy, making it the fourth oldest business school in the world. Currently, it is composed of eight departments as a comprehensive university. 

University name: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Location: Venice, Italy
Rector:Michele Bugliesi


▪️About H-Farm

H-Farm is an innovation hub combining innovation, entrepreneurship and education. Established in 2005, it was the first in the world to adopt a model that brings together investments, business consultancy and digitally augmented educational programs all into one place and now it is the most important innovation center in Europe.

Company name: H-Farm
Location: Treviso, Italy
Representative: Riccardo Donadon, CEO



Founded in April 2018 to find an effective business model to address social issues facing Japan, which have not yet become serious issues in metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, such as regional depopulation, aging craftsmen, and increasing the global appeal of Japanese products and services. The main business is consulting & outsourcing centering on services utilizing cutting-edge global marketing technology and an overseas B2B online order business. Initially focused on Nagano Prefecture, we are developing business solutions to solve the above three social issues in Japan.

Company name: SOPHOLA Inc
Location: Nagano, Japan
Representative: Masaki Iino, CEO


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