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Amazon Account Audit Service Released

Understanding the current status of your Amazon ad account is actually not that easy.
The reasons can be summarized into the following three.
1) You don’t know what to analyze in the first place…
2) You don’t know what is or is not doing well relative to other Amazon sellers…
3) You can’t do the analysis because it takes too many man-hours…

To solve these problems, we have decided to release a simple diagnostic service for Amazon ads based on search term reports.
In the simple diagnostic service,

  • Result summary: analysis and summary of actual ACOS progress against target ACOS and which areas have room for improvement (relative evaluation)
  • Campaign analysis: analysis of auto-targeting and manual targeting performance
  • Sales and inefficiency analysis: analysis on how much ad spend is wasted due to keyword management and lack of bid adjustments
  • Keyword analysis: detailed analysis of keyword management by match type
  • Search terms analysis: analysis on the implementation of keyword additions and removals for search terms

The reports can be made after signing a two-way NDA, and they are available for 9,800 yen (excluding tax) per account, so please feel free to contact us for running an audit for you.