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Attention Insight|Video Analytics Release

Using its own deep learning technology and an algorithm based on over 70,000 image data, along with a 96% accuracy certification from MIT, Attention Insight has now released a video analysis feature. Similar to image data, this feature allows for the analysis of each frame of a video by measuring the user’s visual attention through heatmaps, focus maps, and attention percentages. This enables the drafting of improvement plans to enhance engagement with video ads, by reviewing how the visual representation and copy of video ads up to 2 minutes in length capture the user’s visual attention.

For example, analyzing a 39-second video titled ‘The North Face | Young Explacers | What I Can Do Now for the Future Me’ with this video analysis feature makes it possible to visualize visual attention as follows:

[Heatmap・Attention Percentage]

[Focus Map]


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