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Exhibition at Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO 2023

We are pleased to announce that our company will be exhibiting on the first day of the Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO 2023 on April 27-29, sponsored by SanSan Corporation and others. We will also be giving a 6-minute pitch called “DreamPitch” at 11:40 on the day of the event to widely inform visitors about our mission and business.


  • About “Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO 2023

Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO 2023, newly organized by Eight, is an exhibition that connects startups and their supporters. The event will be held in conjunction with “Climbers,” a business conference that has attracted a cumulative total of more than 100,000 attendees, and will feature content designed to encourage the growth of the startup industry based on the concept of “a place where people can meet and connect with each other.

The exhibition is expected to attract 270 exhibitors, including startup companies and service companies that support startups, and 5,000 visitors. In addition to providing business matching and networking opportunities not only between exhibitors and visitors, but also between visitors, the exhibition will adopt new approaches that differ from conventional exhibitions, such as adopting a method of replacing exhibitor booths with themes set for each day in order to enhance matching.

However, the exhibition will offer booths with simple decorations, the opportunity to exhibit for one day during the exhibition period, and low exhibition fees to lower the hurdles to exhibiting and provide fair business opportunities for startups that have only just been established. The exhibition also aims to provide business opportunities fairly to startups. In addition, a “6-minute Pitch Stage” is scheduled to be held, where companies can present their missions and businesses to a wide range of visitors.

In addition, visitors can learn how to overcome the barriers of startup management at the “Conference Stage,” where other experts in the startup field are invited as lecturers.