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SOPHOLA, Inc – Certified as Google Partner for 2022

Although the Google Partner requirements have changed significantly in February 2022, SOPHOLA continues to be officially certified by Google as a Google Partner.

We are not an advertising agency, but we provide consulting and outsourcing services using global digital marketing tech related to Google ads. Therefore, we will continue to strive to provide higher quality consulting and outsourcing services while keeping abreast of all the basic functionalities and the latest information on Google Ads.

How to Become a Google Partner?

The “Google Partner” badge is awarded to agencies/partners who have passed the certification exams for Google advertising services and are familiar with the latest Google services. Therefore, there are several conditions to be met in order to be officially certified as an authorized Google Advertising agency.

  • Can we optimize our ads so that our clients get the best possible results from their ads?
    Depending on the target audience, service, or product to which the client wishes to send advertisements, the media and operational methods that will yield the best results from the advertisements will vary. We work with our clients to solve their business issues first and foremost, from appropriate media strategies to operations aimed at maximizing advertising effectiveness.
  • Are there any staff members who have acquired Google ads certification and are proficient in Google ads?
    We have a certified Google Ads specialist on staff, who has a more in-depth knowledge of Google Ads and can recommend from among the various methods and types of advertising formats to better meet the needs of our clients.
  • Do we always have a proven track record (in terms of usage) with Google Ads?
    Even if you have the operational know-how and certified staff, it is not enough to be certified as a Google Partner; you need to consistently meet the spend threshold specified by Google. We will support you with our proven track record and experience.