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m19|Release of 1st page view boost feature for specified keywords

By turning on ‘Boost top of search placement’ in Tactics, you can automatically make your bid 200% and show it on the first page.

・When you should use this new function?
You can use it especially in sponsored product ads where you want certain keywords to appear higher on certain products.
Provided, however, that the target ACOS of the strategy is competitive relative to competitors.
If the bid is set to 200% and it is not possible to display on the first page, the bid will not be 200%.
On the Amazon console, you can only set ‘Adjust bids by placement’ on a per-campaign basis, So this new feature of m19 is very effective when you want to display higher with a specific keyword.

※If you want big or general keywords to be displayed higher (* Different ACOS targets for each KW in the same strategy), you can create a different strategy with only big/general keywords and display them higher by setting competitive ACOS targets.

Please contact us when you want to use this function.