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m19|Free Keyword Extraction Tool Available Now

Keywords have a critical impact on the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Product ads. m19 has decided to release m19’s proprietary keyword extraction tool to provide Amazon sellers with an easy way to compare keywords and product competitiveness. No registration is required and it is completely free. (For m19 users, the tool can also be accessed through the m19 platform as before).

The tool is very simple to use, see the example below.

Example: If you sell shoes on Amazon and want to find keyword suggestions for a certain product, type in “shoes” (or any keyword you like) and the tool will show you suggestions.
– All keywords similar to “shoes” are displayed based on their similarity rank and keyword ranking.
– Products displayed when you type “shoes” in the Amazon search bar are also displayed at the same time.

Also, since multiple keywords and ASINs can be added, products and keywords based on similarity ranks will be displayed by combining the keywords and products you have entered.

Please try this keyword research tool that has never existed before!
(Reference: m19 Release Note: A Brand New Keyword Tool Page.)