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AdScale E-Commerce | Launch of TikTok Ad Performance Management, Meta Placement Delivery Features, and More

TikTok ad performance management is finally possible with AdScale E-Commerce. At this stage, it is limited to viewing TikTok ad performance data, but optimization features are planned to be implemented within the year!

Additionally, it is now possible to adjust Meta ad placements on AdScale E-Commerce. You can choose which placements to include or exclude.

Meta placements

Finally, the existing heatmap feature has been enhanced, allowing not only the viewing of average order numbers and sales data by hour/day of the week but also the ability to see percentages for comparing performance across different time periods.

Performance heatmap

The greatest strength of AdScale E-Commerce is its overwhelming ability to improve performance (such as a 7x ROAS in six months), but its other features are also becoming more robust, making it increasingly recommendable to marketers in Japan. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!